Bamford Methodists Bamford Methodists

The  Church Building

 The building is stone-built with a blue slate roof, comprising the worship area and vestry on the first floor with the hall and kitchen  below. The building is in attractive, straightforward Gothic style, and is double glazed throughout

The building was built in the nineteenth century in two stages, first a simple all-purpose church on  the Main Road, and second a bigger worship area was built on top about 50 years later, the rest becoming an undercroft, housing the hall.

Access to the worship area and the hall below is now from the short lane called Taggs Knoll, where the Anglers Rest pub and community hub has its car park.  Six steps with railing lead up to the worship area but for those in wheelchairs and any who choose there is a simple, but effective, external platform  lift.

The worship area is light and airy. It has pine pews, and some folding chairs,  seating about 75 people in all.  There is a Hammond electric organ, a loop system,  and computer driven wall projector.


The hall below accommodates around 40 people and can be accessed directly from the chapel or from the car park. See link .  This part of the premises was refurbished in 2003.