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The \Methodist Hall

The Hall  is  in  the undercroft,of the chapel, with the main worship area on top. In the early history of the church what is now the hall was itself the church, with direct access onto the main road.

The Hall is accessed by a ramp leading down from the main entrance off Taggs Knoll.. The slope is has a good railing and night time lighting. There is an internal staircase too,  down from the main worship area above

The hall is carpeted, has its own attached modern kitchen and table ware, and a unisex toilet, and a children's toilet. . There are good safety exits, one being through the Gothic doorway shown in the photo.

The hall has a TV license and a large screen which can be used for  TV, DVDs and presentations.  There are  light folding tables, kept in a dolly, and  use of about 43 chairs maximum.  The chairs are comfortable for adults. Pull- down screens on hall walls mean that the space, when hired out,  is not cluttered with infants’  play equipment.

The Hall is used during the week, mornings and some afternoons, by the independent village preschool play group- see links, This is conveniently located near the primary school behind the chapel.  

 Between times the hall can be hired for suitable    { no drink] purposes, at a basic rate of £7.00 per hour, but is  free for religious activities and  visitors from other churches, who are welcome to come for ‘Away days’  on Saturdays.  The facilities of the Anglers Rest  community Hub and Bamford Institute are very close, for catering and other services.

Please speak to Jim Smith on  01433 651460 if you want to use the space.