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Story keepers

Story keepers is an after school club for 6-11 year olds, boys and girls.   It meets weekly in term time at 3.30pm until 5.The club is run by the church volunteers, and has full child safeguarding policies in force.  

The club is led by an experienced youth leader  supported by the Hope Valley Christian Youth work Association.   At present the club has 15 members and is nearly full.

The club, which has run from 2002, offers recreational and educational opportunities within a Christian ethos. It is subject to limited places,  but otherwise  is open to all children without any religious test. Bible stories are a strand that runs through the  experience.. Almost all children go to the primary school next door to the church.

There is some consideration at present of the idea of a follow-up club for children who age out of Story keepers, when they go on to secondary school.