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 The Bamford Prayer Group

This Christian  Prayer Group is ecumenical. It meets weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9.30 am. Sessions last about one hour.  At present the venue is the Croft, an upper room attached to Knowle Cottage in Taggs Knoll, near the Anglers Rest. Anyone can come, and those who do are attached to all  the village churches [ and the Quakers].

 The normal meeting starts with a short bible reading; this is followed by discussion which pulls together the topics and situations for prayer. There is then spontaneous prayer, sometimes silent, but for the most part oral.

People are free  to come regularly or occasionally ,as they feel drawn; and there is a general invitation for anyone in the wider community to draw prayer needs to the attention of the group; sometimes individuals may come for particular reasons; but members often attend regularly  each week. There is a convention of strong confidentiality, on which participants can rely.

Please contact Andrea on 01433 651460 about the Group, and about any prayer needs which should be taken up.  

See  the prayer page by using this link.