Bamford Methodists Bamford Methodists

Who We Are

The Methodist Church in Bamford is a small and friendly congregation of people committed to worshipping and serving God. As far as we are able we seek to follow the example and teaching of Jesus.  The church has a core membership of around twenty, but has wide connections with the village and Valley, and many supporters and adherents in the community.

We believe the love of God extends to all regardless of race, religion, age or gender and claim for ourselves no special privilege or favour.


Our commitment to caring and service begins within our own community but the horizon of our interest is world-wide.

We  belong to  the larger Methodist Church of Great Britain; in the first instance by being part of the Peak Circuit, which is  a group of 20  Methodist  places of worship covering the National Park

We in turn are served and cared for by our minister, the Rev. Richard Towle, who resides at Hathersage.

 Our minister Richard loves rural work and considers it  a privilege and calling  to be able to work full time telling people about Jesus.. His wife, Amanda, is an accredited Local Preacher and is keen to join in the work of the church.

The Church Council meets three times a year, and more often as necessary. It is chaired by the Minister.